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Virgin works like a charm

Virgin works like a charm. If you use it the right way:

1. Put the modem in bridge mode and install a proper CPE behind it. That for SH3 means losing up to half the bandwidth for the higher line rates, but it is better to have half that works than all that does not.

2. Check your line quality stats. They are shown by the SH even without authentication - the key metrics on the downstream page are power (should be within +/-5 dBmV) and RxMER (it is form of expressing signal to noise) - should be above 37dB on a sunny day and not worse than 35 on a rainy one. If it is less, the speed will be line rate initially after a modem reset and then slowly drop to about 5MB over time.

3. Never ever use Virgin DNS. The DNS and other infra was marked as "non-revenue generating" by some wise MBA wielding moron around ~ 2003 and it has never recovered from that.

If you have issue with Virgin it is either one of these three.

1 - Can be solved by attenuators (if it is too high) available from Amazon or eBay. If it is too low and the solution for 2 does not fix it, you may need to deal with their support and engineers (my commiserations).

2 - The most likely cause is that the muppet who installed it did not use a spanner on the cables. they never do - it is tightened by hand and to nowhere near the required torque. Unscrew, clean and tighen up with a spanner all connections starting from the box on the outside of your house.

3. Just point to Google or Level3 resolvers.

Never use Virgin support unless you really need it - they will try to upsell you new SH or a new package instead of fixing 1, 2 or 3 which are the real root causes.

When all of these are taken care of it has four 9+ availability, uptime in months and delivers line rate for most of the day.

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