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Can you repair it/replace parts or is it the same glued-up shite as everything else Apple make these days?

To be honest, I never had a need to replace anything on any of the MacBook's I've had. The one I have now is about the first where I have a problem (the trackpad click mechanism seems to have a problem, but as I use a mouse it doesn't bother me much) and as it's approaching 3 years I may update it instead. Not that I don't plan ahead: the reason I use Macbook Pro's is because they have multiple connectors so I have a fallback (which is why having simply 4x USB-C is IMHO perfection, hence my interest in updating).

Alternatively, I may just get a Mini and hook it up to the screen/keyboard/mouse combo I use at home (none of which is Apple) and use the savings to set up a local NAS.

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