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It's been a surprisingly persistent myth that only hipsters use MacBooks - it might just be that they are the most visible users in coffee bars. Generally the baby boomer generation has more money, and it should be clear its a demographic group Apple have always aimed at, regardless of their advertising.

For your camera club, the Windows ecosystem was a bit late to support a few important things for photography though they're now mostly fixed. First, traditionally Macs had colour management, then Windows caught up. Then OSX had better support for high resolution monitors, then Windows caught up but Adobe dragged its feet (so that Photoshop would have ridiculously small UI elements on high Res displays). Macs had 16:10 displays whereas PCs fell almost universally into 16:9, until the Surface range helped prompt PC vendors into producing laptops with 3:2 screens.

In fairness to Microsoft they evidently now know what is required (the colour accuracy of their Surface Pro is highly praised, stylus support is good, resolution very high, aspect ratio is useful), but in the last decade there have been times when their software and hardware partners have been slow to wake up.

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