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Apple's launch confirms one thing: It's determined to kill off the laptop for iPads


Apple lost me after ios 9, in fact my iPhone 6S+ is still running ios 9, and when that finally fails I wont be buying another. What attracted me to Apple is no longer present. They used to be the one software creator who recognised the value of simplicity, a clear quiet peaceful path through the woods to your goal with no noise to distract and a beautiful UI. And now....well, now nothing works properly and the new versions of iOS are full of annoyances; annoyances that cannot be turned off. It is less intuitive, slower than iOS 6 or 7, and whilst boot time has been cut, the actual time of full functionality is increased. So I will make the shift to Android, because whilst Android is also not perfect, notifications and the option to root and actually own the device wins and I can buy a generic Chinese brand 8gb ram dual camera high spec processor phone for under 250. With an SD card slot. The Apple is definitely rotten.

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