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Pirate radio = drug dealing and municipal broadband is anti-competitive censorship

Gerhard Mack

"Yeah, that's a familiar idea, and I seem to recall it was killed in the USA by the oligopolies more than decade ago."

It was killed because it didn't work well for internet access. I ran into the same issue here in Canada where I got a job implementing ADSL2+ over rented copper. What ended up happening, was that the telco only had to rent us space in the CO and there were no (nor could there be) regulations allowing access to the "remote co" (FFTN). The result was that Bell Canda was more often than no, able to offer double what we could.

I'm 80% sure that's why the telcos up here don't want to offer FFTH, because then they would have to offer the fibre itself up for rental the way they do for copper and suddenly the other ISPs would be able to compete.

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