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Pirate radio = drug dealing and municipal broadband is anti-competitive censorship

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We presently have a wealth of media at our fingertips, for a relatively small price, but this isn't altruism at work, but a market mindful of piracy.

In years to come, when the low cost of media streaming has all but ended piracy, our media content will be more or less centralised to a few providers, and the existence of physical media such as cd's, dvd's, etc, abandoned to time.

You only need to take a peek at Pirate Bay or the likes and see where once there were ten's of thousands of peers there exists only a comparative handful.

It wouldn't be beyond the pale to consider a time where nothing of the media is ours to own, we just rent the right to consume it until we stop paying the rent.

I believe this is where the entertainment industry wants to take us, and to reach that goal, we have to be weaned off of the disruptive technologies that have effectively tied the hands of those who would like to be in full control of the market.

And full control of the market will be reflected in a pricing policy that will deny a substantial swathe of the public access to what is increasingly defining our culture.

In the end, the economically poor, will also be the culturally poor. Which in turn will make us all poorer.

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