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The US is governed by corporate morons. Pirate radio is an essential free speech bastion. When all the media is in the hands of corporations , pirate radio is a defense against censorship applied by the corporations. Restricting free speech and ideas for decades had the effect we now see on America. There is very little free speech left at all ! We play music .. but only what we want you to hear : corporate wh**es that fit in the mold we established as being acceptable , we give you news .. but with a point of view that fits our corporate masters and benefit them by controlling what you think , we give you open airwaves by letting you call in .. with a 7 second delay to make sure our censors have the time to throw you offline if your comment dosen't suit us and/or goes contrary to what we want our listeners to think. We don't want them exposed to the naked truth. Free speech in the USA ? You got to be kidding me .. The only bastion of hope for true free speech in America is pirate radio. There should be a hell of alot more of it.

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