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Circuit board repair


Repairing circuit boards is really not that big of a deal. Id encourage you to get a solder trainer board (*) and learn it... its an extremely rewarding skill and opens up some amazing hobby and career opportunities.

I've really never had an employee who could not get at least to the point of soldering leaded quad flatpack components. Most could do leadless QFP. Ball grid arrays, alas, requires some rather pricey kit and specialist training.

The only thing I'd caution is that life is too short to skimp on good tools. A decent soldering station (Metcal or Pace) and a good binocular microscope are a must. Also, take the time to make sure your work area is ergonomic.

(*) or go on ... go to the 'sharing' tab, and order a circuit board that does something fun rather than just a practice board.

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