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My observation is based on working in retail. People buy the same brand because they have had their expectations met by it even if it is the house brand. Their 'loyalty' is to a brand that consistently meets their needs. If it stops, they will try others until they settle on another brand. Usually if someone has been burned by a bad product they avoid the brand altogether.

With computers, migrating to another OS is tricky because of the OS ecosystem. Without knowing the specifics of someone's situation it is hard to say if one can easily migrate or is basically stuck. I could migrate back and forth between Android and iOS because I do not much invested in apps on my phone. For may computer OS, I have more invested in software but switching would still be relatively easy as all my proprietary applications either have an equivalent or are already available on other OSes. But I recognize this is not always the case for someone.

I have helped people switch from Windows to Macs or Linux. But the key issue was what software did they have that was Windows only and were there any reasonable options for them so they could continue to use it.

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