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Re: I get it, but isn't it better to vote with your wallet !

It is fashionable not to own anything. This generation of numpties think its great to buy stuff and not own it, I had an argument with a sibling about modding and repairing stuff you own. He put up the defence that your gear was not really yours and the manufacturer somehow still owned it and could alter it after sale as they see fit. He's quite happy being shafted as in his mind that is how things work. Thankfully the next gen of kids will rebel and insist that owning and control is good just to piss off their parents. Meanwhile these fools will die owning nothing, not even the music they listen too.

And to the others pointing out that new electronics need glue and fancy screws, maybe. But that doesn't explain the DRM spread thickly on top to stop you even opening the case to peak inside. Or extending the life of your stuff by modding.

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