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"Take the contact email from one scammer, configure your email client to use that as "your" outgoing ID, & then reply to a different scammer as if you were the first one."

I've tried a variant of that by replying along the lines of that sounds very interesting but I'm too busy to deal with it at present, could you contact my colleague ....... While typing this I've just realised I slipped up. It should have been "one of my colleagues" and given them a list.

SEO and similar scammers are requested to send the results of "our" self-assessment questionaire (supplementary questions can be added prompted by particularly egregious lapses in spelling, grammar or punctuation):

1. Is the candidate a company registered in accordance with the legislation of the country in which it's based?

2. Is the company name given in the proposal?

3. Does the company have its own domain and website at that domain?

4. Does the website appear on first page in Google when searching for "first place in Google"? (Very important - if it can't promote itself it can't have any credibility for claims to promote others.)

5. Does the company use its own domain for email correspondence?

6. Does the proposal list the website(s) for which they're making a proposal?

7. Does the company buy cheap and utterly useless spam lists?

8. Did the proposal arrive in my spam bin address at rather than one of my real email addresses at my own domain?

9. Does the company actually write its own proposal email or did it buy it along with the cheap and utterly useless spam list?

10. Was the email unbelievably lucky to make it through Hotmail's spam filters?

11. Is the proposal from an out and out liar who lacks any competence to do the work themselves but is just generating leads to sell on?

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