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Sorry friends, I'm afraid I just can't quite afford the Bitcoin to stop that vid from leaking everywhere

Camilla Smythe

But Why?

No buses for three hours and then 50 turn up. Presumably multiple, 50, independent dick heads have been on the 'dark web' buying up bulk e-mail lists along with a, piss poor, ruse template and lists of open relays. Set phasors on stun and launch the scripts..... Profit!

It can't be the same person... can it? I mean what sort of dick head sends sends the same message from multiple sources 50 times expecting me not to notice something strange could be going on and then does the same thing every day for a week... because I did not respond to the first 50?

Now I have 50 individual dick heads a day telling me they have hacked my webcam and I'm "I don't care about your shit English but I don't have a fucking WebCam!" prior to deleting the messages and blocking CIDRs via IPTables.

I mean why not try to sell me a WebCam instead when your hackware noticed I did not have one or does that only happen if I buy a WebCam and no longer need one... I stop getting blackmail and the advertising guys move in to take up the slack?

Unfortunately some people must respond to this sort of rubbish because... level playing field or something.

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