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"Telemetry aside, I have fellow astronomers complaining that W10 will happily start an update halfway through an imaging session, wrecking data. Getting scope, camera, guide system, computer all working nicely is quite a hassle, and given the rarity of good, clear nights, the last thing you want when you have got everything working is for the OS to throw a spanner in the works. Call me old-fashioned, but I always thought two key roles of an OS were keeping programs running smoothly, and keeping data safe. Quite clearly, farming out testing to well-meaning enthusiasts is no replacement for professional software testing."

W10 is a "fuck you, dear user, I'm updating and rebooting NOW" OS, like MS has always advertised.

Not trying to defend them, but it's been clear for now years !

So how are you surprised it's screwing up your work, astronomy or otherwise ? There are countless examples of this ! I've once worked as a volunteer for a cross country race where the same happened !

By the time it finished to update, the race was over !

Just move to another OS ...

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