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To be fair, we are constantly advised in these forums that hacks from China might not be Chinese, or those from Russia aren't actually Russian, and so on, so why should hacks from the UK necessarily be British? Did they leave little jpegs of bowler hats, and evidence of innumerable requests for cups of tea everywhere or something? :-)

Nb: Not that I actually think GCHQ didn't do this one - wouldn't surprise me at all [1]

[1] I have to say something like this or I'll probably be accused of being part of the UK-trollfactory that masquerades as members of the Upper Worthington Railway Modeling Society's Afternoon Tea Arrangements committee [2].

[2] Unless it's a frightfully clever double bluff! [3]

[3] Do you all think that a dozen extra scones for this weekend's get together should be sufficient?

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