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Yes, Americans, you can break anti-piracy DRM if you want to repair some of your kit – US govt

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"Circuit boards are really not something that one repairs* for quite a few decades now. You take the whole part, encased or not, chuck it in the bin, and install the new one - the idea is you should be able to do that without the rest of the machine rejecting the "unauthorized transplant", not that you should absolutely be able to replace a single transistor...."

May I introduce you to Louis Rossman? He's been (sort of) fighting for the right-to-repair movement for some time now (and is a big hater of apple's business practices, which I find hilarious for a number of reasons). He own's a mac based computer repair store in NYC.

However, if you're vehement about your opinion, then may I recommend you get a job at your local Genius Bar? I think you'd fit right in.

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