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Finally, someone takes a stand against Apple, Samsung for slowing people's phones. Just a few million dollars, tho

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Being fined a few million euro isn't going to change Apple's direction. I think they finally woke up to people saying that each version since iOS 7 seemed to be a bit less polished than the last - that's definitely gotta be due to Jobs' absence since he never would have tolerated the sort of lack of attention to detail issues that have come since.

I wish every software vendor had a "polish/performance" release now and again since everyone suffers from this, because software developers like to create new features not fix things that are hardly noticeable or refactor code for a 20% speedup.

Now that they've finally got everything on ARM64, they are probably looking to lengthen support cycles even longer than they already were - i.e. iPhone 5S still being supported by iOS 12 even though it will be six years old by the time iOS 13 rolls around (and I wouldn't be surprised if it supports the 5S also) If you keep supporting that old hardware you have to make sure the OS isn't being wasteful of resources - making it run faster on that hardware like they did (and was confirmed by someone who benchmarked it) is the best way to assure that.

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