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"yep NEVER any QA issues in the world of Linux!"

Let's not forget that most Linux distros are FREEWARE for any purpose. While Windows costs individuals and companies a LOT of money. The quality gap has really narrowed between Linux and Windows. IMO most Linux distros are more stable, and have a lot less schizophrenic UI than Win10. They don't nag you idiotically, the menus make sense, and they don't collect telemetry. True, they don't have some of the Win10 features, but since said features often work rather erratically and spy on you unless you take pains to prevent it, I know what I'll keep using.

I'm not saying Linux is without flaws, but it's FREE, and very good. Try running Windows updates on a fairly up-to-date machine next to a freshly-imaged Linux machine getting updates and I'm still betting on the Linux machine finishing first and not needing a reboot.

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