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Telling me!

I have one of the best designed computers ever - an HP ZBook X2 G4 ( Shames Apple with it's clever modularity, Wacom pen (that doesn't require charging), awesome display, ergonomics, clever Bluetooth detachable keyboard, twin TB3 ports etc etc. However, Windows destroys it. 1. Awful confusing UX - damn, just trying to do a screenshot of part of the screen requires a 'Snipping' app with a 1980s UX. 2. Slows down a lot, despite having 32GB RAM, 1TB SSD, i7 8th gen etc etc. (And it's not HP's fault.) 3. Windows keep vanishing across my monitors.4. Crashes constantly, requiring a re-start. Etc. My 2017 MacBook Pro is a lot smoother and nicer to use except for the awful keyboard which is why I'm using the HP.

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