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Dunno why they treat a third party like iFixit selling a repair kit like that's a big deal. They've sold similar kits for iPhones for years. If Motorola sold them themselves, or included them with the phone, that would be newsworthy.

The most recent Motorola to get a repairability rating at iFixit (the first gen Moto Z) scored a 7 - exactly the same score iPhones had for years until the 2017 & 2018 models dropped to 6 due to the fact you had to basically disassemble the whole thing to replace the back glass.

If Motorola is trying to sell on repairability they need to shoot for 9 or 10 to stand out from the crowd - though I guess 7 is still way better than the 4s the latest Pixels and Huaweis are getting, and that Samsung has been getting for years.

They'll also need to sell parts, so you have an official source. Or do you just plan to trust whatever gets sold on eBay as "Motorola compatible"?

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