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OK I'll admit perhaps I didnt define critical system too well

But given m$'s attempts to muscle in on the robot market (something that fills me with fear)

Quote: "After all, it's not like people die because of a bug in their system."

PCs ARE used in critical systems ... MRI scanners, Radiotherapy machines, industrial robots to name a few.

A bug in win 10 introduced by automatic updates CAN kill in those circumstances... its not like "Oh I've lost the power point document I've been working on for 2 days" , its more like "Opps I've just given that cancer patient 10 times the gamma ray dose I should have"

Which is why those sort of machines have "For gawd's sake dont let windows update run" signs on them.

Or in the sector I deal with "Welcome to Linux, booting machine application, have a nice day"

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