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Not my experience

@Dave K

Manage an enterprise environment that includes windows and windows 10.

The 'feature updates' hit our WSUS server around the same time as the plebs get them. Within days normally.

It's up to us to not approve them until the dust settles. Then we have a test group (we limit the laptop models we buy to one brand and 3-4 models for this reason), then we deploy.

The update was there though. This particular feature update was available on the same day as the first articles about user issues appeared. The day before the data deletion thing became widely know.

In fact we have a group of five test laptops *with* this current badgered feature update installed on them! something tells me they will have issues updating when the "fixed" version finally lands.

This issue aside our fleet of laptops never struggle with updates *apart* from the feature update. they don't exhibit any issues, the update simply gets perma-stuck at "downloading, 0%" and they need manual intervention. this is probably 1 in 5 laptops. Which is a pain.

Basically we catch them as and when we are interacting with that device for any other issue. It has become habit to check windows update status when doing *anything* to a user laptop.

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