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Not sure where the misattribution is, you just need to look for the words "Foley wrote" and "Bright wrote" in the article.

If you wanted a smoking gun "MS is doing everything right" cheerleading quote, you could try this:

The integration of testing and QA into part of the regular development process, instead of the old test and stabilization phase, means that the code quality is always decent and always shippable.

That's why they've just released the operating system equivalent of a car crash.

The layoffs were even flagged up in that article:

one victim group appears to have been the dedicated programmatic testers in the Operating Systems Group (OSG), as OSG is following Bing's lead and moving to a combined engineering approach. Prior to these cuts, Testing/QA staff was in some parts of the company outnumbering developers by about two to one. Afterward, the ratio was closer to one to one

But then absolutely no thought was made to what this meant about the quality of the operating system and, in the context of the whole article, it doesn't really matter because Agile.

The entire gist was Agile is great, MS can release faster and more often, Devs can somehow do better code if they test it by themselves, QA can somehow test better when they don't have to do automated testing but just "real world" testing (i.e. click and hope for the worst), and the party poopers holding everything up aren't needed as much any more because Agile. Under that methodology, testers got fired because they're less important to the process and we know they got fired because MS announced it.

Whilst it might work for Bing where they can do fixes in production, it's useless for an operating system where every upgrade means a one-time installation process that irrevocably changes users' data. I bet you could have counted the number of devs who unit tested running just one update scenario with the latest build on the fingers of one hand and QA didn't go through all the possible update scenario combinations because they're only doing "real world" testing which misses a load of stuff because the real world is much bigger than Redmond.

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