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Facebook, Google sued for 'secretly' slurping people's whereabouts – while Feds lap it up

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I don't use Google Search, nor Google Maps, but I do use Google Daydream (the VR thing, not the fancy "screensaver") that insists on having location turned on, despite not actually needing it for the function it performs. On the other hand, in my main browser I have some of the usual ad blockers we are all familiar with, and those few adverts that slip through are ignored.

Though my favourite thing at the moment is that most of my web browsing goes via my European VPN (I'm in Australia), Google seem to be the only ones that think my European server is in Russia. So those few times I fire up an unprotected web browser to look at something that wont work otherwise, I get adverts in Russian, which I can't read anyway.

Hey Google, I'm over here! Tough luck to the advertisers you sell my data to, wont do them any good.

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