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Well, Nine of Charles, I can tell you what would have happened in the unlikely event that someone tried to assert a non-existent right - I would have gone to the management and demanded his removal from the theater. Chances are they would have refunded me and offered me tickets for another showing.

But we both know that whole course of events wasn't going to happen outside the confines of your rather troubled brain.

This isn't the first time in these pages that you've concocted elaborate, violent, imaginary threats evolving out of someone else's anecdote. Ignoring the rather obvious passive-aggressive unannounced "I disbelieve you" subtext to these childish scenarios, the behaviour pattern seems to suggest a more deep-seated problem.

Maybe you should rejoin the Borg collective and gain some collective stability. Perhaps you should just take your meds.

"Face a murder charge over a ringtone". Azathoth on a galaxy-sized bike.

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