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It's-a rubbish!

I had a relatively minor problem (compared to some!) of an update breaking my graphics driver, seemingly disabling what I had and leaving me with some sort of generic driver with a choice of only three resolutions, none of which matched the native resolution of the monitor. I wish I could bill MS for the time I spent trying to fix the issue, but finally resorted to rolling back and, thankfully, everything worked OK again, even to the extent of the desktop icons being back in their rightful places. All my Win 10 machines (I have several computers around the house - some running a DIFFERENT operating system, I'll have you know!) are pro. version, so I have now disabled updates, using the group policy editor and disabling the service, which some folk state can be also over-ridden by MS. True, or not? We shall see but I am NOT updating again until there is a firm testing policy re-instated to get over the present debacle. (Definition: "a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco") !!!!!!!!!

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