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Chocks Away - maybe the first game I ever played! Landing was bloody difficult (like docking in Elite but worse...). Remember having dogfights with my friend.

They did an awesome puzzle game called Cataclysm - you're a little spaceman with a jetpack who has to position a limited amount of blocks around a damaged space station to ensure that all the liquid falling goes into a funnel at the bottom. Maybe not explaining it well but that is a truly lost gem that would actually probably do really well if it was on the Play/App Store without any tweaks.

Maybe that's an idea for some of those guys if they're still around - update them as mobile games.

Other games of that era I remember are James Pond and its sequel, Zool and Pac-Mania (3D pacman, you could jump over the ghosts)

If you'll excuse me I think I need to play a sounds of the early 90s Spotify list and weep for my lost innocence now...

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