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"[...] and we’d fitted it at the Plot number, not the House number [...]"

Our street has that sort of mismatch. One block has consecutive doors numbered 2, 4, 6, 10, 12, 8. The first is slightly hidden in the end side of the block so there is an occasional query to its whereabouts. The 8 is in the other end side - and you see delivery people standing outside the adjacent doors marked 10 & 6 looking very puzzled. "You want number 8? - round that corner past 12".

Looking at the internal household separations in the block's two floors - you can see how someone allocated numbers by putting them in a progression on the plan. "bottom right, top 1, top 2, bottom left, top 3, top 4"

A colleague had a detached house in row built on a spare strip of land at the end of an existing street. He had the one that started from the old development's boundary. Strangely his lean-to garage was not attached to his house - but to the neighbour's house wall. It was separated from his house by his garden pathway. Any garage noise only went into the neighbour's house. This symbiotic layout continued for the rest of the houses until you reached the end one - which had a detached garage at the end of the street.

Presumably the houses had been built with conventionally attached garages - starting at the end of the street. Then it was realised that there wasn't room to have one on the house on the old boundary. Too late to shift everything a garage width left. So the houses' legal boundary lines were presumably redrawn to reflect the state of affairs - and the house at the end had enough vacant space for a detached garage to be added.

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