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Whew, I'm one of the lucky ones! Had my roof replaced 1.5 years ago while on vacation. They did a great job and it's holding WAY better than the cheap job from 8 years prior. They also fixed flashing issues the "other guy" didn't. Much better clean up, too. (Didn't find entire nail-rolls in my gutters or clogged downspouts.)

Insurance paid for it all owing to a wind storm; we were among hundreds, if not thousands, in the area to suffer. Before the job, roofer made his estimate and I had to tell him, "Look, the insurance is willing to pay THIS much AND my $xxxx deductible on top. You don't have to low-ball this one!" I don't know what he charged them in the end but I got a free pass. (Having their guy come out to do the estimate AND padding their bottom line makes sure they do the right house! Plus, we're the only one in the neighborhood with purple shutters; hard to miss.)

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