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"Or at least a physical key to unlock the wonderous computer controlled lock?"

I can only speculate, but I have a suspicion that it's a market-imposed constraint; playing the devil's advocate, I assume slapping a convenience electronic control module on top of a conventional key-based lock may simply not be a convincing value proposition for the average punter who looks at it and goes "I want an e-lock to ditch my keys, not to need to keep them on top of one more nuisance to configure and manage!"

PS - You don't actually need your keys - I haven't looked at this particular lock but I do have a Yale smartlock on my desk, and it should be unlockable via its keypad (or RF fob); also, it does not depend on the mains as it's battery powered (also operable with an external 9V battery if you let the internal ones go flat).

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