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I left my machine unlocked and went to a meeting, when I got back the developers I managed had gone for lunch. I was in the process of applying for another (contract) role at the same organisation. As I had been warned that the Programme manager who would be receiving the CV's was a stickler for grammar and spelling errors, let alone any inconsistency in dates I had carefully polished my CV removing several typos' and errors. On returning to my desk I gave the CV a final polish and emailed it off.

When the Developers finally returned one of them asked if I had sent the CV off. Yes of course I replied, the deadline was 12pm. It turned out my happy band of sociopaths had colluded to edit the personal interests section and I was now not only an enthusiast for classic sports cars, interested in music gardening and sci-fi but also had a long term hobby as a 3rd world torturer. Knowing the Programme Managers reputation I felt that the best thing to do would be let sleeping dogs lie and address any queries on my unusual hobby within the interview.Fortunately the rather stoical interviewer had no interest in me as a person and had not read the personal interests section at all.

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