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Can't get pranked by your team if nobody in the world can log on

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Luckily, I work in a far more professional environment...

.... just one day, a developer known for his stubborn lax security went on a brief holiday, and we swapped his disk with one with a Chinese version of Windows installed (it was around the time APT1 got a lot of coverage).

When he turned on the PC, and was faced with a login screen in Chinese, he didn't dare to tell anything - while the team was showing their best poker faces not to give any clue away about the prank.

For a while he desperately tried to log on, probably hoping to fix it himself, without uttering a word, but visibly sweating. We let him boiling slowly for a while, until I started, with true nonchalance, to ask him about email he should have answered, and asking him to review some submitted bugs in his code and work on them... only then he broke down and had to ask for help....

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