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no, NOT wayland...

"they should be doing their best to take X out of the baseline and defaulting back to Wayland would hasten that transition."

ugh, not that Wayland crap again. How about 'stay with something that we know WORKS' and 'stay with something that supports REMOTE SESSIONS' ??

Here's an example of why I can't use wayland:

I'm on an X11 desktop logged in as 'a_user'. But I want to run a desktop application as 'b_user'. So, how can you do this with WAYLAND? As far as I understand it, you can NOT. [this is especially useful when editing system files using a GUI editor while logged in as root].

Or, what if I'm running an application on a Raspberry Pi, a graphical editor, and that RPi is HEADLESS, so there's no GUI to run it on. How can I use the GUI editor with WAYLAND As far as as I understand it, you can NOT.

to avoid a length post, and the 'captcha' irritation, I'll summarize by saying it involves correctly setting the 'DISPLAY' environment variable, using teh 'xhost' application to enable a host to connect to the X server, using '.xserverrc' to enable the X server to listen for TCP connections, blocking incoming connectinos to port 6000 in your firewall, and then 'just run the GUI application' in the logged-in session and it works, remotely interacting with your GUI desktop on a different [or sometimes, the same] computer, using TCP to talk to the X server, and allowing for doing things like running a GUI app as root, when needed.

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