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with respect to building an application from source that requires dependencies be installed...

For those of us trying to create those packages in the FIRST place, or use 'bleeding edge' or otherwise "unpopular" or "unsupported" software on Linux, it can be a bit of a chore.

However, if you find yourself doing 'make install', I would hope that you're familiar enough with the package system in order to be able to install any 'development file' packages so that your target will build. It usually takes me a few tries until I get them all, yeah.

And it's really not THAT hard.

Still, I'd prefer it if developers didn't use so many obscure packages for their "whatever". it can sometimes get irritating, and I don't blame Linux itself for that.

[yeah I've built a few deb packages in my day. It's been a while so I'd have to read the docs again, but there are really good instructions available from - I just look there when I need it]

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