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reporting got carried away with 'possibility' and reported it as 'fact'

sounds like a topic line to me. This (captain obvious says) is sometimes called 'fake news'. 'Fake news' usually consists of a ton of 'anonymous sources' claims, and click-bait headlines, surrounding a plausible story [or at least plausible to the audience].

Sometimes, this ends up becoming REAL news, over time, like 'Watergate' back in the 70's. Other times it turns out to be just pure B.S. and FUD, often just an attempt by press organizations to gain attention, drive an agenda, or worse.

I'll give Bloomberg 'benefit of the doubt' on this and keep a skeptical eye on them at the same time. If they prove to have been guilty of spreading 'Fake News' they will DESERVE the lawsuits that are likely to follow.

/me points out that they're sometimes called 'Doomberg' within conservative media. heh.

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