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"We should be at the stage where all a user has to do is sit at a screen and say (or type) "I want to write a document" (or letter, email, flame, program, magazine review ... ) and everything just happens."

To do that, I click on Applications/Office/Writer. Been that way for at least 15 years. Not sure now it can be any easier.

"And the same applies to hardware - especially stuff you can plug in like USB."

Also 15 years ago: I bought my first digital camera, an el-cheapo Kodak. My kids were small and playing in in the leaves. I had a Windows computer and one running SUSE. After taking several pictures, I was out of space. So I plugged the USB into the Windows computer. Nothing at all. After about an hour of Googling and downloading 100mb of crapware from Kodak I was *finally* able to download the photos to the computer. It was getting dark so I wouldn't be able to get any more pictures. I had assumed that using the camera with Linux would be harder but I hadn't tried it. So I plugged the same camera into the SUSE computer. I immediately got a dialog: "A camera has been detected. Would you like to import your photos in to F-Spot?"

It was that day that Windows basically ended for me. Actually *doing* things was now easier on Linux.

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