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Re: "the system has a more modern and no-reboot look"

Does a flat file server handle flat file databases?

But seriously, uptimes of months are easy and common in every world but the one with Redmond in it. There are several machines around here that only get rebooted when kernel security updates demand it. They always come back up gracefully.

With that said, anybody who maintains personal uptimes[0] just for the sake of bragging probably deserves what they get. If your system's security/performance/whatever would benefit from a reboot, then reboot the fucking thing already! That particular DSW was over a couple decades ago, and BSD clearly won by a nose, with a properly setup Linux machine coming in a close second, followed by Apple trailing by a couple lengths. Redmond, sadly, DNFed and needed to be put down ... but for some reason was spared by the fanbois. Perhaps it'll be put out to pasture soon, it certainly won't be offered up for stud ...

[0] Corporate uptimes are a whole 'nuther kettle of worms.

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