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Imagine that. After you've already paid google for a ridiculously overpriced phone, they let you root it. However, you can't on other phones (not related to topic here, but it annoys me). The issue, however, is that I'm not allowed to sell such a phone if I want to also sell a phone with google play services. Therefore, since they do their best to hobble AOSP only devices, I pretty much have to choose not to make them. Essentially, they have a lock on companies that prevents them from building a competing product, which is illegal.

For me, the consumer, I can't easily get a device that A. is a smartphone, B. Isn't apple, and C. Doesn't run google play services. I can't buy an android phone and remove it (unless it's a pixel, evidently). I don't have any other options. Some of the previous options died due to mismanagement, which is not Google's fault, but even more never got a chance to exist because Google was able to say "If you make a phone with that, we won't let you build anything else".

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