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I find the reverse. If you're a Windows user and you didn't like what Microsoft did with Win 8, what were you to do? You could find some shareware alternative desktop, but it wouldn't be supported by many others.

Similarly, there are programs that recreate a proper start menu for Win 10. Which Microsoft break every six months with their compulsory updates.

Apple too take the view that they know what you want more than you do, and - when it comes to the iPhone - are prepared to ban any program doing it differently.

With Linux, if you don't like what GNOME did with GNOME 3, or Ubuntu's Unity, it is utterly trivial to find another desktop. That works. Even if you don't go for a Ubuntu version with your favourite - and they cover most of them - installing another one is easy. At worst, you'll pull in a hundred library files to get working.

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