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A fine post, Logics. I'd like to add something.....

A lot of development work runs under a customized Eclipse based platform that's supplied by chip vendors. This platform runs a combination of scripts, custom utilities and GNU tools and, being Java based, is largely agnostic of the GUI environment. The tools, being for the most part command line, aren't interested in the GUI environment as well. The real differences are when you switch between Windows and Linux. Since the tools are effectively Linux based, not native Windows applications, they're invariably run using Cygwin. Here the deficiencies of the Windows environment show up in innumerable small ways due to legacy issues with file separators and the like, a really weird user model, hit-and-miss USB implementations, rouge interactions with anti-virus programs and so on. People cope with this because Corporate invariably specifies Windows because the be-all and end-all of their work environment is Office and they're the "decision makers".

I'd suggest that the big mistake Linux distributors have made over the years is imitating Windows. They assume they're going to compete with it, to convert 'Corporate' to using this platform. It isn't going to happen, at least not in the foreseeable future. The Windows desktop is too entrenched, too familiar and functional to be easily taken down. The rest of the system is, not to put too fine a point on it, total crap. Microsoft have kind of acknowledged it by providing a Linux shell capability but with their typical flair for taking the straightforward and making a pig's ear of it the result is less than perfect. Although people swear by virtual machines the best way to marry Corporate's love of Windows with reality is through a X Server on the Windows desktop -- between that and a couple of utilities like WinSCP and Putty that's pretty much all you need. You just need a spare computer and they'll be plenty of those about since Window's greed for resources obsoletes a lot of perfectly good machines.

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