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Unity menus

I've just migrated to Gnome (Ubuntu 18.04) from Unity (16.04) and... I miss the menus! I didn't ever like having them at the top of the screen (never liked that on MacOS or even Amiga!), but I did really like having them replace the window title.

Probably not the ideal place for new users to find and understand how to use them, but it really does save screen space which is particularly good when you have a laptop with ~800px vertically.

I'm also missing Unity lenses and HUD. And I'm irritated by stupid stuff like the lock screen looking like a phone lock screen to the extent of being able to swipe upwards (I press escape but that's not the point). And I really hate various sounds like the bell in the text editor (gedit) that AFAIK can't be disabled without disabling system-sounds altogether. And it's got a bloody sound that it makes when USB storage is inserted and removed. Just like Windows XP did! And an alert for the same events. Just like Windows XP. And that always really annoyed me because I *KNOW* when I've just inserted or removed USB storage devices... I don't need to be told about it.

In fact, Gnome is really bloody annoying. I'm trying to like it. It is at least a bit more configurable than Unity was, but good luck with quickly cobbling a little extension to do something simple because there's next to no documentation for any of it. Plus most of the extensions that do exist, don't work quite right! (Prolly because of lack of docs?! I dunno!).

You've made me rant now. Rant-end! :D

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