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Yep. I used the howl and drumming startup noise and had custom-made icons I drew using a freebie gif editor from one of the MS packs.

Then someone gave me the Peter Gabriel CD-ROM and I replaced the startup noise with the startup drumming from Kiss That Frog.

The first time I encountered the themes was while working for a bleeding-edge company in 96, when I was issued with a Win95 Thinkpad (the one with the unfolding keyboard).

While working in New Hampshire on a three-day customer relations/training thingy I set up the 60s theme and reprogrammed all my VB stuff to strobe different primary colors as I moved the mouse. It was like working inside a Jimi Hendrix poster.

That lasted half an hour before I decided to train the users on "how to reprogram the UI color scheme", though the migraines induced went on longer I think.

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