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> And most times the answer is "nothing". For many years now, all new Linux releases have been merely rolling the version numbers on libraries and utilities (squashing bugs and fixing security problems), adding support for new hardware and fiddling with the UI.

Then the answer isn't "nothing", is it? The answer is "use shiny new hardware and not get pwnd".

"Linux has grown fat and slow in middle age."

This is just not true. I run it on a couple of low-powered machines. It's totally fine as long as you're not trying to use a bloatware desktop environment.

"Just try adding a new package - download this, edit that, compile the other, add new libraries to satisfy installation criteria, fix conflicts and maybe - just maybe - after a full day of effort and Googling user forums that shiny new app will work."

sounds like you haven't used it for a while. we have AppImages, snaps, and PPAs now. If you can't find one of these for what you want then it's *very* esoteric. I have exactly one program on my machine that's custom-compiled, and that's because I contribute patches to it - I could just install it with apt.

"add new libraries to satisfy installation criteria"

apt-get build-dep <program>

"We should be at the stage where all a user has to do is sit at a screen and say (or type) "I want to write a document" (or letter, email, flame, program, magazine review ... ) and everything just happens"

You know you could have spent your time building that rather than trolling, right?

"And the same applies to hardware - especially stuff you can plug in like USB. None of these should be issues, but they are all insoluble"

Why do i keep hearing this? You know it's not 1994 anymore, right? I literally can't remember the last time I plugged in a piece of hardware and it didn't just work. I think it was probably around 2005. USB!? geez, it might not have been this century the last time I plugged in a USB device that didn't just work. I have hardware that is not supported in windows that works perfectly fine in Linux. insoluble?? You are just trolling, right?

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