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Oh my god Bob - I upvoted one of your posts!

Google have found themselves in a monopoly position on "licensable mobile operating systems" because they made something better than all the opposition. If they abuse that position it's perfectly fair to rein them in with regulation, but this is going to be a difficult for the EU because Google is making it very clear that the only alternative to "we give you this for free (in exchange for access to your data)" is "we make you pay for this up front, and it's the EU's fault".

The thing is, I never buy "licensable mobile operating systems". That isn't even a class of product as I'm concerned, so I have no idea how their can be an actual market for one that needs regulating. I buy smartphones, which is a real and tangible product type, and different enough from dumbphones that it can be considered a separate market segment. Apple are Google's only remaining competition in the smartphone market, but their OS isn't licensable - which puts it out of scope of this competition action but means jack diddly squat the the average consumer.

This all begs the question - why is the European Commission so intent on ignoring the actual competition here? Are they going to go after Apple for their monopoly of non-licensable mobile operating systems next? If not, why not - I see just as much anti-competitive behaviour there, if not more so. Can you imagine what Apple would say if the EU told them they had to allow the installation of alternative app stores on iPhones, because Google allows that sort of thing on Android? That'd *really* be popcorn worthy.

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