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Funnily enough, I use the googly calendar because my family does. They can see events I create.

I can't see events I create. On my own calendar. On the same app I created them in.

Google Maps is fine for the rare occasions I use it.

Gmail is just where the spam arrives.

Chrome plays spam movies, because the control for not autoplaying videos doesn't work. It's generally crap, but so is the web now, so it's the best tool for the job and the backend is already installed by default anyway.

Everything that's broken has been broken for as long as I've been using Android. It basically reduces my phone to... well, a phone. And a camera. A crap, grainy, non-focusing one that doesn't even come with a lens cap so it gets all smudgy! Can you believe it? A camera. Without a lens cap. And people actually buy this crap for it having a camera!

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