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"If people dont want android they wont buy it"

this is true, but what other choices do you have? iPhone, or nothing. At least, for now...

it's the same with windows, in a way. A du-opoly with Apple isn't helping. "Oh but you have a choice!" Really? I'm still hoping Linux will become more popular, but everyone says it won't. Sad.

If what Google is doing is KEEPING COMPETITION OUT OF THE MARKET (aka 'predatory' or 'anti-competitive' behavior), then anti-trust regulations should be usable against them. Same with Micro-shaft, a while back, during the 'browser wars', as was made reference to in the article. That went poorly for Micro-shaft.

What Google needs to do instead is clean up their ad revenue scheme so that it works on any browser without excessive tracking [like GDPR compliance] and does not slurp your life. then they can ignore the browser side and just rely on providing a good service with ads in it for revenue. Instead, they seem to be violating our privacy and locking us into "their solution" with greater and greater lockin and overreach and standing on the line of legality, practically taunting lawmakers and enforcers to come after them.

/me points out that if ads weren't so irritating and/or did NOT use script, people would be less likely to HATE and BLOCK them with non-Chrome browsers... but 'they' seem compelled to script them for tracking purposes, animate them, etc. DESPITE how much people HATE that.

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