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'Thank Thatcher [snip] for putting a stop to a lot of the union silliness'

I'm surprised you got THAT many upvotes! Here's one from me.

[I was in the U.S. Navy when the Falklands war broke out, generally cheering you guys on. We'd have helped but you guys didn't need it]

As for Google's silliness, our congress is looking a bit sternly at them these days. It might take 'an entire world' to stop this, admittedly. But if UK could do it on its own... as a signal... they might flinch! [then the snowball would roll downhill and EVERYONE would benefit].

I wouldn't count on Brussels fixing this any time soon. GDPR is a good start, but if that's not ENOUGH to stop this, and Google is going for the loopholes to exploit to their maximum, they'll have to be a HELL of a lot harsher with them before this can EVER be over. And our Con-grab as well, of course.

Existing anti-trust, anti-monopoly, and similar laws/regulations might help in this case. Expect 2-3 years tied up in court, first. I doubt Google will cave. And if EU can't stand the long game on this one, they don't DESERVE to be in any position of power. I hope they *CAN*. And UK, too, post-Brexit.

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