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I'd very much like to know how you define "small", seeing as how the Sun in NOT a point source - but rather a sphere (disc) with a diameter of one and a half million kilometres, each square foot of which is still illuminating Earth unless you have some part of your "small" disc covering it. The shadow of an object smaller than the Sun, placed between it and the Earth is actually a cone tapering off into nothing behind said object because of that. And notably, the Earth isn't a point target either. To black out just one single parking lot on Earth you would need an object of at least that equal size between it and the Sun, in close Earth orbit. How would you propose blacking out anything larger, with a _single*_ object of realistic dimensions, disc or not?

* Yes, you might be able to send up lots of cargo launches of innumerably many small objects and try to disperse them into a huge cloud to cover a sizeable chunk of the Earth, but that is an entirely different thing and still definitely nowhere near "small"...

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