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The name is "Haber" not Harber, a misunderstanding of German pronunciation & bad spelling. As in Haber Process. And this guy got a Nobel (peace) prize for the way he managed to fix Nitrogen out of the atmosphere - which you *can* use to make fertiliser, but you can also use to make explosives.

The latter is one of the reasons why you DON'T build a two storey chemical depot & store the fertiliser on the ground floor... It can explode - and this would be bad. So many snowflakes doused in perfectly harmless glyphosate. Hell I've met an Irish guy who used to drink the concentrate as a joke... He's about 87 now and perfectly healthy but I digress.

Happily you just jogged my memory, little sub average cretin, and I can cite sources for Fritzy boy and his wife. Harris & Paxman (yes, that one) "A higher form of killing" again available on Kindle. Along with dropping mustard gas on native women & children (GB), using bio weapons (oh look, again GB, Japan and Russia).

And a word from the wise - if you don't know what you're talking about shut the f&&* up. I've been researching this particular subject for 20 years and I can guarantee you I know a lot more than you do. Most of which doesn't reflect well on *any* of the countries involved including the allies and sadly the Jews either (look up Jewish brigades, strychnine plot, kindertransporten and what happened to the sondercommando survivors). The actual reality of the whole story is much nastier - and much less clear cut than I was led to believe. GB government for example refused to toss-bomb the concentration camp fences (with mosquito FB series) to give some of the ambulatory survivors a chance, claiming not enough aircraft, two weeks after stopping building airframes & reducing crew training. US did the same. Why had they stopped production? Because they already had so many spare aircraft they didn't know where to put them all. They had plenty to spare for a quick punt at Auschwitz, ditto crews, fuel and munitions and they knew what was happening - they just couldn't be bothered.

Then there's the pre war Evian Conference - the basic upshot of which was a resounding "Fuck the Jews" by most of the rest of non Nazi Europe. About the only country, ironically, that didn't shit on them from a great height was Fascist Spain (mostly cos they'd already had their boot the Jews moment a few centuries before).

There, I hopefully taught you something.

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