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Yes, it might be bright, but it is a single point source for light. The thing about street lights is they can be set up to only illuminate areas that need it whereas this is going to annoy some (e.g. lighting their bedrooms where now they are not) and under-service others by not lighting areas properly (buildings cast shadows after all). Simple computer modelling would reveal this and I bet it has been done and suppressed. As mentioned above, it will not help much with cloudy nights, which means the current infrastructure still has to be maintained. The point about fauna in the article sounds like a paid expert giving testimony. Missing from the article is whether this might interfere with any telescopes. Given the way the national government rearranged people's lives in order to make way for their large radio observatory, what would be the result of this thing interfering with another government project? Would the people of Chengdu be treated to a fireworks show?

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