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On capital punishment technically you're right. Anyone else in a non essential industry who played that game would be for the high jump & technically striking during war time was illegal.

However - everything ran on coal - and I do mean everything (if it ran on petrol it was converted to run on coal gas (except for the occasional spitfire)) . If they'd have started shooting coal miners the rest would have walked out and it would have been a very short war after that - something along the lines of about another 48hrs at best.

The government caved in leading to the "First Rule" of coal mining...

"We can always beat the government"

Which lasted for over 40 years & destroyed the industry. Don't assume we don't have coal reserves left, we've got plenty, shed loads in fact. You can even run car grade diesel engines off sub 65nm liquidised coal fuel - but why have bolshie coal miners when we can shove them in the north sea mining oil & gas and blow them up occasionally just to keep them on their toes..

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